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IJCRT RMS (Reviewer/Refferal Managment System)


RMS is stand for “Reviewer/Refferal Management System” For Reviewer and Team Members. RMS is basically for the Reviewer and Refferal for your colleague /students /neighbour/Friends.

Refer your colleague /students /neighbour/Friends You will get 300 Rupess per paper.

Please Submit your Application with Required Documets based on that We evalute your Profile after that We Will Reply our final selection.

Join As Reviewer

  • If you’re interested in honoring your knowledge and skills by supporting & promoting research activity in your University/College with the support of one of the world's leading International Engineering Research Journal, you’ll be pleased to know that IJCRT has launched the IJCRT RMS (Reviewer/Refferal Managment System).
  • This Programme will serves as the foundation for the new research & innovations in fields of engineering around the world.
  • IJCRT welcomes expressions of interest in joining our Representative Network, we are presently seeking new representative around the world.
  • Who can Join: Professors/Lecturers/Existing IJCRT Reviewers/Authors who would like to be considered in becoming an representative of IJCRT should apply.

  • Types of Membership: 1)IJCRT Reviewer 2)IJCRT Representative Membership

  • Charges to Join: free-of-cost

  • Please Submit your Application with Required Documets based on that We evalute your Profile after that We Will Reply our final selection.

    Who can become a reviewer for IJCRT?
    A person who have the degree of Ph.D in the relevant field of engineering OR have the completed or Pursue Master in Engineering relevant field and have experience in the same field. In short, anyone who is an expert and interest in the article’s research field They are join us

    How reviewer/team member got the reward for the work they do from the IJCRT?
  • If you will become reviewer/team member for IJCRT then you have to recommend his/her colleague/students/friends for publish the paper in IJCRT then Reviewer got the Refferal amount( 300 Per Paper) from the IJCRT.
  • Reviewer/team member have to provide his/her Reviewer ID to colleague/students/Friends When the Submit Paper in IJCRT(www.ijcrt.org/submitonline.php).
  • So when your recognized colleague/students submit the paper in IJCRT for publishing at that time they have to provide the reviewer ID to IJCRT.
  • If your recognized colleague/student’s paper will publish successfully then IJCRT team add 300 Points in your account as a reward.
  • After your account contain sufficient point, IJCRT will convert the reward points in currency and pay to reviewer.

  • How to become reviewer for IJCRT?
  • Please visit our website and join as reviewer. For that fill up the available form through our website. (www.ijcrt.org/JoinAsReviewer.php)
  • After first step You will receive notification for submitting the request to IJCRT by provided mail id.
  • Then after we will evaluate your request for reviewer.
  • If we accept your request then we will send the confirmation mail to you with the login credential details for Reviewer Management System.
  • In mail you will be got the Reviewer ID.
  • Then after you can login to our RMS System for reviewing process and recognition program.

  • Advantages for become the Member of RMS
  • Member are important to us; IJCRT’s RMS aims to engage Member and reward them for the work they do.
  • If reviewer recommend his/her colleague /students for publish the paper in IJCRT then Reviewer got the Some amount from the IJCRT.
  • Reviewer got the certificate from the IJCRT.
  • Improve your reputation and increase your exposure to key figures in the field.
  • Stay up to date with the latest literature, and have advanced access to research results.
  • Develop critical thinking skills essential to research.
  • Advance in your career – peer review is an essential role for researchers.

  • Rules and Regulation
  • If reviewer recognize his/her colleague/student for publish the paper in IJCRT then, recognized colleague/student have to complete the entire publication process till the paper publish.
  • After the successfully paper published in IJCRT, reviewer got the rewards point in account. Reviewer also check the rewards point in RMS account.
  • 1 rewards point= 1 rupees
  • You will be get 300 reward point per paper after the successfully published your recognized colleague/student 's Research Paper.
  • If a reviewer has earned enough points to use them, the rewards points will appear as account credit on their account.
  • Reviewer can redeem the rewards point after the he/she will got more than 300 Rewards points in account.